Friday, November 9, 2012

Love Has No Borders!

 Kathleen and I met just this week and became instant friends.  Through our connection and commitment to Toronto Cat Rescue, we began talking about our love for animals and how we would do anything to save them all!  She told me this incredible story that only happened last week so I asked her if she would like to share it with my dedicated followers.  Of course she was so excited to tell the tale of a cold, hungry and abandoned kitten that her husband came across at the beginning of November.  Enjoy!!!

       Last weekend while visiting Michigan for a football game my husband Steve noticed a small tabby cat hanging around his motel door. Never one to pass up a cat cuddle, he soon discovered that this cat was friendly and quite hungry so he shared what food he had with her (a muffin). Steve is a big-time animal lover, so much so that he often captures bugs (not animals but creatures nonetheless) that have gotten into our home and releases them outside.

       He was traveling with three other guys, all of whom needed to be back home by Sunday afternoon and so he had to leave her behind. There are strict rules against taking pets over the border and he would have had to get her vaccinated and be able to show the records to border patrol. It was Sunday; it just wasn’t going to happen.  As any animal lover can tell you it is not easy to forget an animal in need once you’ve looked into their eyes and Steve could not stop thinking of her when he got home.

       Once I heard the story I started looking up Michigan based cat rescues. I called the Red Roof Inn that the guys stayed at and was able to connect with an employee there that new of the cat and had been feeding her too.  Understandably all the rescues are at capacity but also cash-strapped. Mid-Michigan cat rescue agreed to go out and find this little girl if I would make a donation towards her rescue. Naturally I sent the money right away. That’s how Steve, whose birthday was just days earlier on Halloween, got a belated birthday present of a rescued cat…in another country!

How amazing is that story!?!?  I just love meeting new people and realizing that I am not the only one who goes above and beyond for our crazy little furr-babies.  Thank Kathleen and Steve for being so selfless and spreading the word about animal welfare!


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