Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 Cats Need Our Help!!

Hello my lovely readers!!!

I thought you might be able to help with this!! Death Row Dogs needs your help! A lady has approached us in a terrible situation. She took in a few stray cats off the street from the cold and they have multiplied. She had almost 20 cats but has found homes for some and is now down to 11!

We would like to fix them but the lady is on a very low income and cannot afford to pay for this. She was in tears speaking to my friend Charlie Winship and is very saddened that she has made things worse. We would like to help her and fix her cats.

The cost is going to be $600 and we need to raise the funds by Wednesday December 22nd! If $300 can be raised by this date, we will pay the rest! We need you to share this far and wide!! Please... dig a little deeper to stop the cats that this house is churning out! Just $10 a piece........please share or donate! Lets help these cats!

Thank you everyone!!


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